The four rooms of the Villa La Porticciola take their names from famous lyric operas: the owner’s mother designed every room according to her passion, giving each a characteristic  atmosphere.
The furnishing accessories and scenic glimpses from a window are part of the artistic suggestions linked with the bel canto.

Direct access to the rooms is possible from the parking lot by using the solid wood entry door on the same level.

The furnishings in classic Tuscan style are enhanced by authentic pieces in a style that adds a beautiful touch to the elegant rooms. All the room are located on the ground floor and each has a convenient private bathroom complete with WC, bidet, sink and shower.

The entire farmhouse may be rented for groups of friends or families on request, as indicated on the appropriate page.


This room is named for its luminosity and bright colors. The wonderful view of the surrounding countryside when it is warmed by the sun calls pleasant melodies to mind.

title=Traviata 2

Traviata 3

A light, quiet, and refined room, as depicted in the opera Madame Butterfly, evoking sweet and passionate feelings. Original Tuscan period furniture is featured here.

Turandot 2

Turandot 1

Turandot 3

In a niche inside the room is a valuable original 18th century terracotta etching depicting the Madonna and Child. This particular element recalls the most important aria of this lyric opera.

Tosca 2

Tosca 1

Traviata 4

With a wonderful view of the skyline of the San Gimignano towers, it recalls Aida with its impressive panorama from the window entering the eyes and the soul.

Aida 1

Aida 2

Aida 3

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